NeuroPhysioReha-Claudia Pott-evidence-based client-centered Neurophysiotherapy

Who I am

I` m a Physiotherapist and Public Health Scientist (BA.). I started working in 1992 in the University Medical Centre in Mainz (Germany) and I have worked in interdisciplinary neurological outpatient centre for people with acquired brain injury from 1995 – 2014. Since 2014 I´m working in different vocational fields (home visits, teaching, editor of the physioscience etc.). I´m very experienced in working with people with a variety of conditions (e.g. after Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson, Spinal Cord Injury) and their relatives. I work very closely with Neuropsychologists, Neurologists, Speech-/Language- and Occupational Therapists.

Neurophysiotherapy NPT

Claudia Pott is the founder of the Neurophysiotherapy, she has developed this approach for the German Physiotherapy Association (Physio Germany/Deutschland). Neurophysiotherapy is an evidence-based and client-centered neurological rehabilitation approach. This approach contributes to participation and social reintegration for people experiencing physical limitations due to stroke, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s Disease. Neurophysiotherapy involves principle of motor learning and integrates modern and well researched interventions referring to patients and relatives goals. The clinical reasoning process included goal-setting, action planning and evaluation with assessments. The patients and their relatives will be supported to encourage their self-efficacy and the ability to benefit from self-management programs.


The climbing training is offered for people with and without special needs. Please contact me to get detailed information: pott@neurophysioreha.de.

Personal Active Training PAT

Based on the client specials goals and needs the personal active training PAT includes elements of strength-, endurance-, strength-training and stretching. Tailored to your needs and goals we will exercise e.g. with Yoga-, Pilates-Elements, Climbing-Sessions, Nordic Walking, Cross-Country-Running etc.

Personal Release Program PREPRO

Based on the client specials goals and needs the personal Release Program PREPRO aims at the releasing of tensions and blockages and the resolving/ prevention of stress-or pain-symptoms. It includes elements of Jacobson’s (progressive) relaxation technique, guided therapeutic imagery, Yoga, oseteopathic physiotherapy, trigger point therapy and myofascial release (MFR).


Services I Offer and Fees

Neurophysiotherapy Fees

Free initial advice over the phone

Full Assessment (duration about 60 minutes) + Report: £85

Treatment Block, Regular Bookings: £50 (45 minutes); £70 (1 hour)

Report following treatment sessions: £60


Please enquire for details and prices.


Personal Active Training PAT

Treatment Block, Regular Bookings: £50 (45 minutes); £70 (1 hour)


Personal Release Program PREPRO

Treatment Block, Regular Bookings: £50 (45 minutes); £70 (1 hour)

Joint Sessions with a highly specialized Neuro-Psychologists, Neurologists, Speech-/Language- and Occupational Therapists

I also offer Joint Sessions with highly specialized Neuropsychologists, Neurologigsts, Speech-/Language- and Occupational Therapists
– Please enquire for details and prices.


Finding me

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Claudia Pott

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Tel. +49 89 92563255


Mail: pott@neurophysioreha.de


Editor physioscience

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